Which Quote should I write up next?

More upcoming pieces of fun : -)

Thank You… am I your bitch?

Loving life, living the dream.

Don’t sweat the petty stuff, Don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

“If your job consists of wearing a giant pizza hat, you’ve probably have made a serious career wrong turn.”

“I’m working your motor, bitch.”

“Somewhere… a janitor is crying” -Sean

“I’m listening to an old drunk guy take a piss one drop at a time.”

“That’s two devil’s and a douche…”

“Look, there is a man with a muskrat on his face…”

“We can show them our gun but we are not giving them the bullet”

“I’m a man I can’t help it”

“Well son, you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see what fills up first.”

“Between the hailstone and the Tornaders, they must hate us in Oklahoma”

“Awwww, your little drink is soo cute, what are you compensating for?”

“I got wacked by a dumb chick in pink.”

Bob Nardi  –  The later you get to class, the earlier you get to leave.


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