Top 10 things that are more overrated than Bacon

We here the chants come during march Madness. The chants as “lesser” teams beat teams they shouldn’t.

You can hear it in your head can’t you.


But I had a friend who said to me today that “Bacon was overrated.”

What? Really? In my mind I told him that I could tell him 5 things off the top of my head that were more overrated than Bacon. So he challenged me to name 10.

Fine. You asked for it.

Drive Friendly or Else!!

#102558339 / On the way to work I got to see that wonderful Lubbock driver. The one that is driving too fast, weaving in and out of lanes and being a danger to all of us on the roads in my rear view mirror. As he tried to pass me on the one open […]

Leave it all on the course

have to leave it all out on the course. So yesterday I was privledged to play in the Children’s Home of Lubbock Golf Championship.  I hadn’t played for over 3 years and it showed. So before I started I got some tips from Long Drive Hall of Famer Bobby Wilson. I think the one that […]