A Sad Trip Around The Sun

On my birthday I found out about an old friend of mine from a divorce care counseling group I belonged to, passing on from a lengthy illness. I was sad but glad, for the pain he had been under had been excruciating, and he need not suffer anymore. When I first got divorced we were paired […]

Dear Ryan

Sean’s rules of life for his son Ryan Donahue Rule #1 Don’t mess with a Donahue. If you do, you will face consequences. Have pride in your family even when we argue. Everyone fears us. Rule #2 If confused reread rule #1 Rule #3 Consequences are delivered at a time and place of my choosing. […]

Keegan Left Aengus Right

Dear Lubbock Area Vet,

God knows how I miss Dr. J even more today. Everyone in Lubbock with a pet knew the legend of Dr J. But she is gone and I had to move to another vet. This afternoon Keegan started to bleed and we took him to the vet after Joanna all morning had called to try and talk to the vet. His first words wasn’t, “Lets fix Keegan,” or “What would you like to do?” but “Let’s me first talk about communicati…”