Dear Lubbock Area Vet,

God knows how I miss Dr. J even more today. Everyone in Lubbock with a pet knew the legend of Dr J. But she is gone and I had to move to another vet. This afternoon Keegan started to bleed and we took him to the vet after Joanna all morning had called to try and talk to the vet. His first words wasn’t, “Lets fix Keegan,” or “What would you like to do?” but “Let’s me first talk about communicati…”

Circle of Strife

2015 ended with a bang, snow everywhere and the City of Lubbock getting blames for everything: “Why do we have only 2 snow plows?” “Why can’t they plow my streets?” Lubbock, Tx doesn't own a snowplow. #Justsaying #txwx — Peter J. Carr (@CarrforGovofCO) December 30, 2015 “I pay taxes …

Sorry Facebook, I vote no.

Today I was asked why my FB photo wasn’t of the French flag, didn’t I care? I care about the following: my family, friends, community, state, country and planet. I care that there are too many sick babies, homeless vets, hungry families, uncured diseases, crumbling infrastructure, and other outrages. I …

The 2014 Election meant nothing…

Republican control of the Senate with less than 60 senators means nothing at all to the long term political status for either party.

If the GOP sends bills that the President feels is not in the best interest of his party and the country, Obama will veto. Without 60 GOP senators filibuster dooms any activity the majority wants, just ask Ron Paul and Ted Cruz for their crib notes.


Isn’t that what we need in our world? Someone who has a positive attitude, somebody who wants to leave it all on the floor? We can shake our fist at school cliques, but they are what life is all about.

Life is about the haves and the have-nots, the people with a gold, silver and bronze spoon in their mouths and those of us who bust our ass doing work that nobody wants to do, but does somebody has to do it.

What happens when you suck lemons your entire life?

today I was greeted by the rudest, angriest, nastiest woman next to an ex girlfriend. She got mad at ME because I called HER out on getting MY order wrong. Now, I am one of the most easiest going guys around, but when I come to your place and expect to get what I ordered when I ask for it, when YOU get it wrong, you shouldn’t suggest that I go somewhere else.

Because when I leave…