Post # 100: Memories from the Grave

Reposted because I wanted people to read it. This is an open letter to my grandfather who now watches over me… Kommen Sie Bald Wieder Grosfather

I remember my grandfather vividly. I can remember the great joy he always showed to me as I was his first grandchild. He always was there for me in the times of hardship and was there in times of my greatest successes and joys. He was a hard man to please, because he was always learning and always growing. Even in his 70’s he was learning a new foreign language because not of the time he had because of his retirement but his great joy of learning.

I remember many weekends in New York, going over to his house and playing him in chess, having lunch with him while he did the New York Times Crossword and just reading. He gave me a desire to read early. When he was working, he’d give me a book and tell me “Read”. I guess that book being put in my hands and then the book after that then the library trip after that cemented my love of reading. There were some days where we did not speak, just read. My job for him was to learn and to keep learning. He wanted me versed in politics, religion, music, the arts and many other things.

I miss him.

As I was cleaning my house this weekend I found a portion of a letter he wrote me after some problems in my life.

Here is the end of the letter:

Wo Glaube da Liebe – Where there is belief there is love
Wo Liebe da Friede – Where there is love there is peace
Wo Friede da Segen – Where there is peace there is joy
Wo Seden da Gott – Where there is joy there is God
Wo Gott keine Not – Where there is God there is no want

Auf Wiedersehen , Kommen Sie bald wieder. – Goodbye, come again soon.