The purpose of this project was initially to show the fun in how a single quote can be. It doesn’t have to be in the context that was originally intended. I wanted to start taking quotes and creatively use them in context that you would never think of. So enjoy the quotes collection while they are here.

It started with a comment at a wine tasting event when I saw my best female friend’s sister blend into the couch because of the outfit that she was wearing.  I said to my wife “She’s domestically camoed.”  Joanna started to laugh and I wrote She’s Domestically Camoed.

Then Joanna and I were driving to the store when she saw a homeless person with a sign that was misspelled.  Being the person that she was she uttered. “I gonna hand the homeless guy a dollar and tell him to buy himself a vowel.” I went home and wrote it up!

Then I started to look for different quotes. Some were easy to write up like: “It’ll feel better when it stops hurting”, “I didn’t get this way by not eating” but some were harder to write up.

Working Title is a great story inspired by my friend Kat.

Gary Cox made me smile with the quote “Between the hailstones and the tornadoes god must hate us in Oklahoma” so I wrote this…

I’ll be working up

I’m listening to an old drunk guy take a piss one drop at a time” as a novel next.

See more of my “Quotes” writing project here

My goal was to write no more than 2000 words on any quote and try not to make the quote be a throwaway line.

Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Just feel free sending me inspiration and I’ll see what I can cook up for you!


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