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Sean Donahue examines the opposite sex and the 30 minuite scramble…

The opposite sex stinks. It’s universal , women hate men and men hate women. This has gone on thorough often. I mean lets look at life. When I was five, the only thing more disgusting than hanging around my “Aunts” or cottage cheese was the concept of a female. I mean I said more nasty , mean , cruel things about women at that age. As I grew up I discovered many things, like if you chase a girl around the playground until she accidently knocks her to the ground you have either told hear one of two things, A. I am interested in you or B. Please give me back my hat. And the latter should be blamed on the female race, because how many girls would take the hat of the guy they liked to get his attention.
Nowadays you have many different ways of telling a member of the opposite sex that you are interested in them. The first is a much used , needs to be eliminated “Pick up line” with such classics as “Who stole the stars and put them into your eyes” to the innately with “You make my night, I’ll make you breakfast”. Why don’t we grow up and move away from these infantile pick up devices…. Well it is because of the “Direct People” who walk up to people and say , “Hey lets get naked”. Anyone who has seen this work please contact me cause I wanna see it happen. Life is funny as you go along you find many things that remind you of your love, first love, or present love. But hell and damnation will rain if you don match the right one with the right significant other.
Come on people , lets not lose our sense of dignity here , I mean I have tried “Hi I am Sean can I sit down.” Ok so I have been shot down my fair amount of times but at least I try to shoot my payload before I go down in flames. Dignity is important, How many people have left a nightclub alone? They look out among the crowd that gathers around the club 5 min. after the club closes for the thirty minute scramble. Don’t say you haven’t tried it because you lie. You look at a guy or girl and say . Hey she isn’t that bad looking. You go over , strike up a conversation and pray she doesn’t leave you hanging at the last minute to leave with her significant other for the night. So as the scramble continues your standards begin to fall. “Hey so he’s got nose hair down to his lower lip , I mean He’s not THAT bad looking.” But once the scramble is done those who get lucky go home to try to repeat, and those who aren’t lucky are praying that those who got lucky don’t get lucky. Understand?
So it all returns to the premise that the opposite sex sucks. We aren’t emotional for them , they are too emotional for us, they aren’t attractive enough, they are too darn attractive, we have too big an ego, they are to shy, plus the list goes on. Hey We all have our faults. Some of faults are big as San Andreas, some maybe hairline fractures. We move along each day with the thought that one man/woman can make a difference and maybe today is the day we wont eat alone.
But remember there is always the scramble

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    There is a very easy explanation for all of that…women and men just don’t have their heads in the same place,women’s are on their shoulders and men’s are up their ass.

    Sean Replies : “Well the funny thing is, you can’t have a scramble unless there are women willing to be scrambled… I guess some women have their heads up their ass too!”

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