The more things stay the same the more they change. I look forward to these days of insanity where I do the best I can with what I have and hope what I have is what I truly need.

Tonight, I watched something near and dear to my heart get hurt because of the lack of trust and decency in this world. I was at a location doing a remote for CMN, a charity near and dear to my heart, when a mysterious man wearing camo pants and carrying a duffle bag came into the area. Immediately people were in a panic.

Is he homeless?

A Hitchhiker?

Or up to no good?

We will never know because they cancelled all the events even though we couldn’t find the evil man.

People who were willing to part with their $8 were turned away for safety reasons.

I understand that. I stand by the decision and I agree by it.

But, what caused that decision is what makes me mad. It was some sick jerk that hurt some kid that caused this to happen. It was some jerk somewhere in the U.S. that maimed or raped a child and we have to fear.

I guess that’s my point. I can remember the days where we lived our lives in harmony, yeah there were some bad eggs, but you could keep your door unlocked and no one would mess with Aunt Ruby’s ruby ring.

But times change. We have to lock our doors and protect ourselves with guns and alarms. Why?

Because of the rotten eggs caused it to be so. Because they ‘terrorized’ us into giving in rather than fighting for what is right. What we live now, is fear, fear of our neighbor, fear of our job, just plain fear.

F.D.R. said, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

But is that really true? DO we have nothing to fear but fear itself? Or do we fear the unknown? Do we fear the ‘bad men and women’ of the world?

We have become less of an accepting and permissive society and more of a unforgiving and untrusting society.

We have more scandals, more cheats and why does this occur?

Because manners and values are no longer taught in this society. We live to get, get, get and never give, give, give. I guess that it’s all right now that I think about being a giver, because there are way too many takers in this world.

I’m a giver, so sue me.

And I’ll give secretly so that some part of the $8,000 that was supposed to be raised for my favorite charity gets to them.

Even though we had nothing to fear…

but the way we were brought up.