Hey – I got your care package! The decks of cards will surely come in handy out here in Iraq. The poker chips were everywhere, but that was easy to straighten up. I really appreciated the magazines, too. So what’s up with the bottle? You mentioned you had some requests. I imagine that has something to do with it.


To get everyone caught up …

I send Doc Chako a care package in Iraq while he’s over there.  I filled up a box with Poker chips, Cards, magazines and movies. I just grabbed a bunch at the dollar store. Really didn’t pay attention to what they were, but knew that if Doc didn’t like them he would probably find someone to give em to. I also sent to him a Texas and US Flag and a small bottle.

Could you Doc, when you get back, send those flags back to me when you get back.  I just want you to have a visual representation that you have friends here in the Lone Star State that are thinking about you.  They are loaners and when they return, will fly in front of my house in your honor.

Next, if you can get me a pic of you in the Rock 101.1 shirt or at least a pic of you with the shirt somewhere in the country so I can post it on the webpage I would appreciate it.

But now the bottle…

It would be a great favor if you could spread those around anywhere in the country.  My sister in law and I have made it our mission to have my brother Patrick spread across the seven continents of the world. He always dreamed to be able to travel the world and now he is.  He is now in Egypt, Austrailia, Antartica, Europe and North America.  All we have to do is get him to South America and the Arctic.   It would mean a lot to me to have him scattered in Iraq.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing it,. just return him to me and I will understand.

Now… since I threw that box together willy-nilly so you’d get some tricks and treats, tell me WHAT can we get you?  What things do the troops need?  Help me out my friend.  I’ll take care of you and Surflexus among others have pledged support too!

Keep staying safe…


2 thoughts on “Doc Chako got his First Care Package…

  1. You shipped Doc Chako your BROTHER?

    That’s heavy. And actually, now that I think about it a bit, very cool.

    Sean Replies:”Just some of his ashes to spread. I am going to make him the first Donahue on all seven continents of the world. Anyone want to go to Rio for me?”

  2. Um, next time you do that, hit me up also. I’d be happy to donate as long as you accept FTP transfers.

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