My dad worked hard when I was young and at one point to make ends meet for our family Mom got a job. Whenever Mom would get home and call my Dad to find out what we’d be having him bring home for dinner Mom always gave us a choice.

“I want Pizza.”

“Shut up, I want McDonalds.”

“You shut up I want Chicken.”

Which then came the line from my dad that eternally lives with me…

“Fuck em and feed em Fishsticks.”

It was Dad saying that we needed to work as a team and if that not only we didn’t get what we wanted but nobody got what they wanted thus EVERYONE lost.

My Dad, now retired, is sitting back and enjoying life.

For the longest time I thought that he would be biting at the bit to get back into the swing of things.

You see, I can’t go on vacation.  I have to check in, write, do something.  My mind always has to be doing something, it can never truly relax.  I even stopped into the office when I was on my last vacation, even when I was in Maui.

But now, I am looking forward to the blogger tournament.  It’ll be my chance to play and have some fun while relaxing.  Yes I know I’m the ringleader of Operation Linus and Lucy.  But that’s not important right now. 

What will be important is that I have an opportunity to hide where nobody, but family, can find me. 

What will matter is making a choice that I will be happy with. 

It’s either that or fish sticks.

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