This afternoon I was taking the garbage out when I saw something that I wish I could have taken video of.

It was of a lone goose, circling over my house.  It was making calls as it glided and circled in the air. 

Gaggles of geese flew east and west and this lone goose communicated with each of them as they passed.

One group flying east gave the answer I thought the goose was looking for as it flew with intensity to circle just perfectly to line up with the rest of the gaggle.

But it must have not meant to be for one of the geese nudged him away, and away this lone lost goose began to circle again.

Gaggles past him, or at least I think it was a him, going to the east and those to the west.

A lone, lost goose circling crying out as if he needed to fit in.

But then from the east came this powerful gaggle of geese, 40 or so and they must have answered his prayers of someone to fly with positively for he made a wide circle and began to fly at the back of the far right formation.

The gaggle slowed to let him catch up.

And they flew away to the west…

with now a goose that belonged.