The water, moved in motion of the acivity of the deck.

Electricity was in the air.  Pheremones and egos clashed in a time tested pattern.  Eyes looked across from the table, to friends, family, lovers and those who wanted to be. 

He looked across the table and she glimpsed at him beforeturning away before their eyes met. Her auburn hair framed her face like the great ones framed their masterpieces.  The glasses on her face were decoration as she didn’t need them.  She saw perfectly but the image she portrayed was a ploy.  She knew what he liked, what he wanted, what he desired.  She had a mission.  She had to get into his heart, into his soul, into his head.  For once she was there, he was hers forever.

She wet her lips with a slow motion of her tongue. And their eyes met.  She had him.


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She smiled the smile tht had the hook on it.  He tried to look past her and the look, but the non verbal communication was too strong.  He smiled back and the hook was set.


I wonder who she is? What does she do? Is that body God or man-made?  I’m going to take a shot!

“Im Alton and you are?”

“Thirsty,” she said as she offered me a chair next to her.

“What a strange name you have, but I can solve your thirst,” I said as I motioned the waitress over. 

My hand ran across her shoulder down her arm.  I ordered her another round for both of us and looked back into her dark green eyes.

“But do you know what I thirst for or who I thirst for?”

She didn’t have long to want as my lips were upon hers.  Her lips quivered as I ran my left hand down her back and supported her neck with the other.  Her hands ran through my hair.  I needed release and I could feel her need for release.

She needed to be quenched.

(The Lake)

As the waters off the lake motioned so did the movement of two hearts, one for real and one in work, but both in desire.