So I boarded the flight to get to Ft. Worth to surprise my mom and sat down where frick and frack came along.  We had two stewards for the flight. It was funny to see, one was thin and one wasn’t.  As they are loading us into the mini pigeon that will take us to Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport I hear over head music with the theme of “Songs from and about Dallas”.

Which then made me think…

Would I hear Mac Davis’ “Lubbock in my rear view mirror” thirty times while I waited to depart for home?

Never the less, we were waiting for the one last passenger to get on and the pilot comes over the intercom.

“Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen from the Flight Deck.  We’ve had a ‘glitch’ in the computer system up here, nothing to worry about, but we’re going to give it the old Control-Alt-Delete to let it reset.  Watch your hands, cause it gonna get dark as we shut it down.  Probably nothing but we’d like to be sure as we fly this million dollar aircraft on time and maybe a bit early to DFW.  Watch your hands…”

Then slowly and surely everything went dark.

All the window covers were closed to prevent the heat from coming in and no one moved to open one up.

It was dark.

We heard beeps and more beeps then silence.

We sat in the dark and then BOOP, everything slowly started to come back up.

I looked at the flight deck as the nerves started to increase…

“Well, everything looks great up here and we’ll be on our way to DFW real soon, Flight Attendants, prepare for departure.”

Normally my self defense mechanism won’t let me do anything but sleep while on a plane.  Whether it be for 47 min for 4 hours, I normally just crash out on the plane.

Not this time. I heard ever call button, every clink of ice, every conversation.

But not a single boop or groan from the cockpit.

When I got off the plane I breathed a sigh of relief.

Because I wondered for just a moment if I should get off a plane that needed a Control-Alt-Delete.