Dearest Joanna,

I’m doing well, been having fun playing poker with the free internet from the hotel, oh , the trip report.  OK, since you asked…

We all loaded into the plane to Ireland and my heart started to race as when the call went out that the plane was ready to leave the gate and all the green clothed Irishman and wanna be Irishmen all cheered.

I was able to get some sleep on the flight, I was happy because on the flight DFW-ORD, I was “forced” to let a family sit together since she was in my seat when I got to there, I was “reallocated” to a seat that I enjoyed alot.  It was between two middle aged women who were as excited as I was to get to Chicago as I was to get to Ireland.  Luck was on my side because the other person in the window had a baby that cried the entire flight.   KARMA SCORE GOAAAALLLLL!!!

But let’s return to the Chicago – Dublin flight.  I was so excited and then terrified, since we would arrive at 7:45 in the morning.  I know my parents and family, it’s not relax after the trip, it’s let’s get a ton of stuff done.

And we did.

But first, I had to check into my room.  Pictures of room #1 and everything else when I return.

The converter that I brought on the trip was broken enroute and TSA removed a tube of toothpaste from my checked bag with the “We’ve been in your luggage and you just found about it now SUCKER” card in my bag.  So I’m conserving battery until I can get a new one. And for the record, the hotel lobby doesn’t have any “Too often they are stolen,” my front desk woman Jessica told me.

So after I walked into my non smoking room, I discovered that someone HAD been smoking in it. So back to the lobby again where I was able to get to another room. My sister who wasn’t until the last minute was going to be able to go had to wait to get a room. I was happy because I really don’t need a great room, just somewhere to hang my stuff while I’m discovering the Emerald Isle.

Then it was taxi to the train and train into Dublin.

I will mention here that Dublin-Bray Ramada is nowhere near Dublin, 20 min away and that the concept of the Euro just sucks.  Everything is overpriced here.  4 Euros for a freaking Big Mac.  NEVER MIND!

I have been amused by the Euro-trash that the Irish have to put up with.  I have also been amazed at the total friendliness of the Irish people.  Directions? Sure.  Taxi Stand? Let me show you.  It makes the trip amazing!!!

We went and did the Hop On, Hop Off tour today and I got to see the Guiness Storehouse, the Book of Kells and the outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Picking Sunday for the Hopping probably was a bad idea, especially since my brother in law couldn’t keep his eyes open for more than 5 min.

We came back to the hotel and I’ve gotten you and Ryan something to remember Ireland by.  Now Shelby, that’s my challenge.  I’m probably getting her something in Dingle.

Well, even though its 4p there, I’m going to sign off.

5A wake up call for Blarney and Cork tomorrow.

I am so glad I was able to talk to you today.  Even though it was for  5 min, it was the best 1.5 Euros I’ve ever spent.

I’ll see you soon and I Love You!

Your love,


3 thoughts on “Trip Report Continued…

  1. I should have some distant relatives in County Cork — or so I was told. Had to bypass Ireland on my trip to London a few years ago when my wife wanted to visit Paris instead. Imagine …

    Sounds like a great time!

  2. You didn't have to fly 4000 miles to kiss the Blarney Stone. There is a big piece of it in the Engineering Quad on Tech's campus.

  3. I think the $3.80 that I spent to talk to you is well worth it too!!! It was amazing to hear your voice and get to hear all about your day…I'm glad that I got to talk to you as you were getting in bed. I love you!!!

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