After many sleepless nights miserable, unhappy and alone I found her.

I had suffered for years, looking in the wrong place for love.

At first, I looked and tried to push her away.

And I went away to disaster after disaster, tragedy after another.

But then one night our eyes met again.

And I knew she was mine.

I had to make it last forever.

Tonight, I proposed to Joanna Watson, soon to be Joanna Watson Donahue.

No one person has ever meant to me, other than my kids and family, as much as she does.

She makes me a better man each day.

She supports me when I am low,

and is beside me when I am happy.

I am the luckiest man alive.

And December 19th, she’ll be mine forever.

I love you Joanna Watson Donahue.

10 thoughts on “No Brainer….

  1. Any one famous coming to the wedding? I'm just asking so I can be prepared.

  2. Alway nice when you catch a Royal Flush, congrats you two, looking forward to the wedding!

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