I’ve been working on the house a lot and it’s almost finished. I’m really proud of the work and the handyness that I have discovered in me. Maybe it was latent in me and I just had to do it on my own. Maybe it wasn’t my hands doing the handy stuff.

Maybe it was Patricks.

Never the less, I’ve reached the point of what is done is done, and what can’t be done won’t be.

First Joe’s wedding coming up in a couple of days.

I think this wedding is the event I’m really looking forward to. Between Joanna and I we have 6 weddings not including our own that we are in or have to make  a “mandatory appearance” at. All the other events are just window dressing. I think Joanna will get some ideas that she will input into our wedding.

We will get the Save the Date cards out soon. I’m excited about seeing people that I know and love getting these special cards. Because of limited space I’ve had to narrow the list. I think having a wedding sometimes is about the people around you and not the bride and groom.  I’d be happy under a tree and surrounded by Joanna and a preacher. But there are things in this world you do for friends.

I’m looking forward to Joe’s wedding because this will be my second “Best Man’s” appearance. First one was for Patrick and I really didn’t have to do anything but look pretty and smile.

Joe, on the other hand is a slave driver. “Take these announcements here, talk me out of this.” ROFLMAO. Nope, my friend you are stuck with Ann. She is what you need brother.

I’m not nervous about my wedding either, because Joanna is what I need.

I’m counting down the minutes till I get Shelby and Ryan from Indiana.

With Shelby and Ryan spending quality time with Joanna and I, there will be a part of me that will be whole again.

Now that the kitchen and living room is 90% done, I won’t be worrying about remodeling, and I can start worrying about fleshing out more of The Castle and Sands of Mexico.

Have Faith Friends, I am here, I’ve been keeping a lower profile for my safety, and I hope you understand. A part of me died recently, and I’m burying the past and living in the future.

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