2010, a year fresh in our minds with anticipation of greater things.

But then I received two SEPARATE e-mails yesterday that had the following chilling similar words…

Tech is monitoring this stuff and I understand there will be consequences for businesses that hammered the University. I don’t want you to needlessly get caught in the cross-fire on this.

and then…

Tech is monitoring your work and your recent facebook posts.  I understand there will be consequences for businesses/people that WRONGLY went against the University. Sean , please don’t get caught up on this.

Are you freaking kidding me?

One is from a friend who is behind the scenes at the university, the other is from someone who was shut up from the university.

I am saddened to think that such low, mafia style actions of threats and innuendo are taking place in this world today especially from a public university.

But I’ve seen the actions of this University before.

Case 1 : I was advised poorly and quickly and wasn’t given an opportunity to graduate as fast as I could from the university.

The end result : Yes, I didn’t get the grades I needed to pass certain classes.  Yes, I worked overnights which slowly caused my self destruction from the university. However, when I was gaining more practical knowledge from actually doing the work I was supposed to be trained for than at Tech. I left Tech after I was told that they didn’t and wouldn’t ever offer my classes at any other time (so like nights so I could take and graduate) since it was a dying profession.  I decided that even though I wouldn’t graduate from Tech I would give them my dedication because I believed in the teams and coaches.

Case 2:  When one of my most favorite mentors and friends Dr. Clive Kinghorn decided to retire, I encouraged my bosses to go to the university to offer to help with the campus radio station, offering training and a path to real world jobs.

The end result: Tech said that they had “people” that would HELP the students.  They turned us away with prejudice.  And years later they closed down the campus station, handing it over to someone who wanted a Jazz station in the first place. Remember Derrick,  you were an production intern to me at KTXT.  You told me your dream of having a Jazz station in Lubbock.  Years later, you got one.

Case 3:  I watched a good friend of mine get railroaded from the job that he had because he spoke out against the administration.

The end result: No it wasn’t Mike Leach, it was another friend.  But I watched this man who used to be so integral to the area that he was involved with, die away because he spoke out against the administration.  Now he teaches elsewhere… Thank You sir, for the times you let me speak to your class, thank you sir for telling me that I needed to follow my dream because the university would still be here.

I followed my dream.  I have a career and I have survived.

I could tell you about the time Texas Tech tried to get me fired from my job, but my point is made already.

I still wear red and black. I still cheer for the team, but in my one act of defiance, I will not sing the Matador song.

For the line that is : “Strive for honor evermore…” will stick in me as honor is gone.

For those who threaten my career, my family and my name are not honorable at all.

3 thoughts on “The year of hiding from the university

  1. Sean,
    You have support on Team Leach, and I have started a discussion board message to get people who have been threatened by Tech to tell their stories. I won’t reveal who you are or any more of your story than the general gist of your blog, but I would hope you might let us all know the full story at some point and know we all have your back.

  2. No honor among thieves.
    Let the rest of “Team Leach” get your back on this.
    What Tech views as wrong, we view as justice. If they choose to abuse their “power” like this, they just prove our point.

  3. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. It’s disappointing to see what we become when we don’t get our way.

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