Ok, now that I’m awake and after watching the USA lose to Canada in the Gold Metal Game of Olympic Hockey , I’ll give you all an update on the last couple of days.

The Radiothon for CMN went good. We raised $225K and still have the largest radiothon per capita in the US & Canada.

But at the tail end of the Radiothon I was on my last legs.  As we were finishing up the show, a wood plaque and a dry erase board fell from the mini castle we were broadcasting from in the South Plains Mall knocking me dizzy.

After the show was over, since I had been coughing up green phlem and some blood, my darling wife Joanna and co-worker Amy got me to the ER.

I have a tradition of being the first at the Radiothon and the last out.  I couldn’t do it this year.

After CAT-Scan and X-ray’s and other tests the doc told me the following :

Mr Donahue, you have a hole in your left eardrum (which would explain my lack of balance the last three days), you are dehydrated, you have a concussion , you are exhausted, your blood pressure is higher than normal and you have a case of severe bronchitis (which would explain why I have no voice). You need to rest.

So after getting medication and waking up to watch hockey (tail end of third period and OT) and now to tell my mom not to worry. I’m heading back to bed.

I’m probably going to be there till at least Tuesday.

Thanks to all of you for your calls and texts.

I’m ok, just did what I usually do, pour my heart into my work.

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