Thanks for the calls and offers of help, but offers of help are meaningless if they are based on convenience.

Today has been filled with calls from friends and people who have heard the news of the passing of my grandmother.

“Is there anything I can do for you Sean?”

Why yes there is…

But after explanation…

“Well, I wish I could, but I have (insert excuse of choice here).”

If you are offering to help, help.  If you want me to listen to you babble when you are down, listen to me when I need you.

Life isn’t convenient.

There have been many times that my life has been inconvenienced by someone who needed me, and I left without question. I said yes sir, yes ma’am. I did it without question.

But that’s the type of guy I am.

I’ve asked for help. I’ve begged for help.

and I am without help.

So I will help myself, my wife will help me and others who I don’t even need to ask , just give the nod and they are there, will help.

And to those who gave excuses, be prepared for excuses when you call me.

Life is ever changing.

I seem to make changes in my life all the time after death experiences.

After my sister died, I went back to college.

After my grandfather died, I dedicated myself to my career in radio.

After my brother died, I dedicated myself to finding myself.

After I had a meningitis and was in the hospital hallucinating about my sister and brother pulling me up to heaven, I dedicated myself to the Lord.

I think I need a change in my life.

Some people may not like the change.

But in the words of my father “Fuck em and feed em fishsticks!”

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  1. I saw an old blog post of yours indicating Jamie Sanders died last year; I’m stunned to say the least! Would you mind emailing any information regarding what happened to him? He was a friend I lost contact with many years ago and can’t find any further information.

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