Yesterday I talked about miracles and inaction. It reminds me of a story my late grandfather once told me:

A very good man walked the earth, he took care of the sick and poor, giving to others more than he gave himself. Every night he would pray, “Dear God, I follow your son, I do good deeds, how many more people could I help if I won the lottery.”

Every drawing he would never win. This continued for years until the man was on his deathbed. As his family and friends surrounded his hospice bed, the man looked to the sky, clouds covering the last sunset he would ever be able to see and he spoke.

“Dear God I followed your son, I did good deeds, could you see all the people who surround me for my kindness & generosity. Why wouldn’t you ever let me win the lottery.”

The skies cleared and the most beautiful sunset shown for the man as the Lord replied.

“My child, I am proud of everything that you have done, but why couldn’t you ever meet me halfway and buy a ticket?”

Miracles only happen through action not through inaction. Good intentions have the same results as inaction. Don’t blame others for your own failures. ‪#‎Encourage‬