Hold for Weddingapocalypse

I just finished the opening chapter of “Weddingapocalypse – why you should elope”. Here is a couple of paragraphs. Enjoy : I could tell you this story is all true, but you would never believe me. I could tell you about one friend who drove from Texas to Connecticut to end up getting a haircut, […]


In the days of old, VIP meant VERY IMPORTANT PERSON, something that would put images of movie stars, politicians and rich people with influence could have.

You are a VIP, I am a VIP. We are all VIP’s. All that matters is the perspective that we see it in.

When a person asks for your help, they are asking for you to treat them like a VIP.

Which Quote should I write up next?

More upcoming pieces of fun : -) Thank You… am I your bitch? Loving life, living the dream. Don’t sweat the petty stuff, Don’t pet the sweaty stuff. “If your job consists of wearing a giant pizza hat, you’ve probably have made a serious career wrong turn.” “I’m working your motor, bitch.” “Somewhere… a janitor […]

The 2014 Election meant nothing…

Republican control of the Senate with less than 60 senators means nothing at all to the long term political status for either party.

If the GOP sends bills that the President feels is not in the best interest of his party and the country, Obama will veto. Without 60 GOP senators filibuster dooms any activity the majority wants, just ask Ron Paul and Ted Cruz for their crib notes.