She’s domestically camoed

Keegan played the guitar and wailed Bob Dylan while the winos drank their wine. No matter how hard he tried to involve the audience they weren’t buying what he was selling. “Play some death metal,” one wino said with the paper bag wrapped around the two buck chuck he brought into the small open aired […]

Happy Mother’s Day from the Hill…

Peace in the country Mother’s Day 2010 As yet another day starts in the Hill Country I sat on the porch watching the mist start to come over the trees to the east. The smells of coffee and cholesterol wafted in from the kitchen. “You want any,” my wife asked? “Nah, I’m plenty good enough […]


When I was in New York , my mom called me from Cleveland and asked me about some rude guy from a comic shop who was asking for his Strat-o-matic baseball cards back so he could complete his collection.

I told her that he was a jerk but if she could find them, she could give them back to him.

I told her where I thought they were and she returned sheepishly later telling me that she had thrown that box away since she thought it was junk.

Jumping (Fiction)

Scotty liked the way he felt when he was in the air.  There was nothing than can defeat him when he was on his bike.  He did most of his thinking while flying in the air.  Most people concentrated or focused on the landing, or the technique.  Scotty just focused on the freedom. “Why do […]