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Hold for Weddingapocalypse

I just finished the opening chapter of “Weddingapocalypse – why you should elope”. Here is a couple of paragraphs. Enjoy : I could tell you this story is all true, but you would never believe me. I could tell you about one friend who drove from Texas to Connecticut to end up getting a haircut, […]


In the days of old, VIP meant VERY IMPORTANT PERSON, something that would put images of movie stars, politicians and rich people with influence could have.

You are a VIP, I am a VIP. We are all VIP’s. All that matters is the perspective that we see it in.

When a person asks for your help, they are asking for you to treat them like a VIP.

Which Quote should I write up next?

More upcoming pieces of fun : -) Thank You… am I your bitch? Loving life, living the dream. Don’t sweat the petty stuff, Don’t pet the sweaty stuff. “If your job consists of wearing a giant pizza hat, you’ve probably have made a serious career wrong turn.” “I’m working your motor, bitch.” “Somewhere… a janitor […]