The beginning…

My goal is to find someone to help me create a new skin and post photos, stories and information where if I choose, I make the revenue. I would love for people to not contribute their hard earned creativity to a site that selectively doles their talent out rather than freely giving it to all.

“Why yes Keegan, didn’t you know? All dogs…

When I was young, I was taught about heaven & hell. The nuns took their rulers to my knuckles many times during my formative years. But one day I asked, because I was bored and did not want to talk about the seven deadly sins, “If there a heaven for you and me, is there one for my dog or will he be in his own heaven?”

This question then turned into a fight with the cat owners telling the dog owners that all of their animals were going to hell while their animals were going to heaven.

Dear Lubbock Area Vet,

God knows how I miss Dr. J even more today. Everyone in Lubbock with a pet knew the legend of Dr J. But she is gone and I had to move to another vet. This afternoon Keegan started to bleed and we took him to the vet after Joanna all morning had called to try and talk to the vet. His first words wasn’t, “Lets fix Keegan,” or “What would you like to do?” but “Let’s me first talk about communicati…”