Was the bubble popped tonight?
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The question that many people have asked me tonight was … Was the bubble penetrated?


You don’t know of the bubble?

The World FAMOUS Lubbock weather Bubble?

Well…. Let me explain…

and for those faint of heart , faint of stomach or Bible Banging Church Thumpers… Please stop reading here. I will offend you and would rather you take the blue pill and go back to your false sense of security.

We’ve all taken the red pill. Ok

Imagine the Summer of 1969.




a bunch of other bad stuff.

and the Big Guy upstairs was angry.

and you know when he gets angry he sends down locusts, boils, plagues the usual.

He took the heart of the so called “Bible Belt” where he thought he could make the most impact and sent down

The May 11th Tornado of Lubbock. F5, bad ass set of twisters that tore Lubbock a new ass.

We rebuilt , stronger , better and with more churches.

And The Big Guy forgave us. He gave us the Bubble. The boundries of the bubble are Loop 289. If your’re inside Loop 289 , never fear you are in the bubble. Outside. Welllll…. your’re pretty much screwed.

Seriously… Have you ever noticed how the storms especially the severe ones seem to part on the bubble?

(See my picture Storm Bubble)

Notice all the storms. coming toward Lubbock. None of them will hit Lubbock. Several of the storms had produced Tornadoes Earlier. But they either run out of gas or move around the area.

So tonight the storms came. Tornadoes were spotted around Levelland. But as they came toward the bubble they were scared. Back inside the clouds they went. And no real hail hit the station this evening.

The only damage at the station this evening was Jeff McGuire driving the Rock 101 PT Cruiser into the door cracking the glass. Don’t ask how he did it. I was on the air giving out severe weather reports to the South Plains.

So was the bubble popped. Nope.

and the legend will continue of the Lubbock Weather Bubble. Look at the radar, watch Run for the Hills Ron, Little Ron Jr. and probably the most competent Meteorologist ever and my friend Jon Robison and watch for the bubble.

I swear that it’s there.

Just Watch