I wish I could take everything back.
Somedays we all have regrets, days that we want to take back. There are days I would love to remove from me.

Current mood: don’t ask… Kids have taken over!

Muntiny of the Daddoo
Days 4-5 with the Kids…
I wish I could take everything back.
Somedays we all have regrets, days that we want to take back. There are days I would love to remove from me.

The day I told my sister I wished she was dead.
Yup wish I could erase that day from my life.

The day I met my ex-wife.
Wow, what a mistake that was.

But then a part of me says… “Hell, you wouldn’t have met the friends you have, have your wonderful kids without those bad times.”

But then tonight changed it all.
My six year old and my three year old staged the Muntiny of the Daddoo
Imagine a day where you can do no right, hear from your ex and your inlaws at least four times and your kids decide to do nothing but complain.

I thought I could master many things in my life. Childrearing ain’t one of them.

My kids are screwed up.
Yup, I admit it. My ex-wife has done itagain. I understand why she tried to get me to take the kids for the entire summer.

I think Nanny 911 or Supernanny would pull out a shot of thorzine or a stiff flask of Irish Whisky dealing with these kids.

I have to say that no matter what they do I love them, but I understand why Angela (Ex-Bitch whore etc etc.) wanted me to have them. They have no concept of the word NO ever. Now I believe that you can’t always get what you want. Hell, if I got what I wanted a certain female would be dating me and I would have paid off my bills that my ex left me years ago. But life throws you curveballs when your waiting on the heat.

I said No and all I hear from them is Nana and Papa don’t tell me no, Momma loves me and she doesn’t say no. SO today, I gave them the NO Lecture, which in itself is HILARIOUS! Seriously, try to have a discussion of any length or seriousness with a six and three year old. Doesn’t work well. It’s like trying to teach a dog to sing, frustrates you and annoys the dog.

So I told them that they can’t have it all.

We went to Toys-R-Us today (my one weakness for the kids) and got them toys. I know that they have toys and I know that they don’t need a ton of toys but getting one or two things from me makes me feel that I have contributed SOMETHING to their childhood.

So I guess the first mistake was taking them there and telling them that I would get them a small toy.

Shelby’s definition of a small toy $179.95 (Don’t ask)
Ryan’s definition of a small toy $9.95 (So he got two)

Shelby decided that it was her mission in life to throw the third largest tantrum in the world. I wish we could go back to the days of the hold her breath until she passes out stage. But instead she had Ryan crying in the middle of TRU because Shelby was crying.

The mutiny had begun,
Next Ryan refused to put on his seatbelt and Shelby started to pick on him.I thought I left “He’s touching me” back in my old childhood days. I was wrong! So I got them home and seperated, which was probably another mistake. Now I had two mutiny’s going in two different rooms, Ryan deciding to take off all his clothes and run around with a dirty pull up on. Shelby deciding to cry at the top of her lungs for no reason other than it hurt my ears.

Then Angie called for the first time and Shelby got the phone first and my day went downhill from there. Nothing like trying to have a meaningless discussion with your ex wife while trying to change a dirty ( and I mean WOW, I don’t think Julia has anything on my son) pullup.

Later this evening I could try to explain oin how my son wanted to act like a big boy and took his sippy cup apart and soaked himself with juice tonight. I could try to explain many other things… but it just wouldnt work. More of the fun today nt (Tylenol, thank you for your non drowsy formula). The kids are asleep at 11:41 P.M.

So my goal is to have fun with the kids, give them all the love in the world while they are here, and let them know that every day, their Daddoo is thinking of them. Dunno if I am accomplishing it, but trying damn hard.

Tommorrows plan involves Pizza and relaxing at the house all day. No real plans, as we will leave Thursday P.M. for Ft. Worth.

I’ve only got four more days with them and I don’t know if I can do it. It gets harder to put them in bed each night knowing that it’s one night closer to not seeing them until November.

The funny thing is …
when I started to write this blog I was thinking what the hell am I doing as a parent.

The funnier thing is as I look across the room at the two sprawled out angels on the bed…

I can’t wait for tommorrow.