This is a true story…
The names have been changed since I don’t know them.

July 7th on the Kid Transport watch , Captain is Tom Donahue, My partner left me for a 3 bedroom trailer in Indiana. My name is Thursday, I carry two kids

(Da – Da – Dum DUM) (Dragnet march begins)
Was on the kid transport today taking two fugitives from Indiana back to Ft. Worth so my ex-partner , witch that she is, could pick them up and transport them back to the pokey.

Was driving down I-20 , not putting them hammer down as I knew men and women of the DPS and other local agenices would be out and about today. How? I just knew.

Was near the hills of Guthrie when I was passed by a silver blur… can’t say what type of car but put me into the shoulder (had to protect the innocent bystanders sitting in their car seats).

The silver blur skidded to a halt about 1/4 mile up the road. I slowly proceeded with caution, wishing I had a radio to call this moron in. But I was on the kid transport watch and had to maintain radio silence.

Passing the silver car (License Plate available on request) I cautiously proceeded forward. A mile passed, then another then looking back into the mirror to settle a fight of who was “on my side” I saw the blur again. Pulling to the side again I let the moron pass me on the hill. Watching him nearly lose control and side swipe another car as he crossed over the hill.



wait for it

No I mean it…

Wait for it…

and into the speedtrap by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
Last time I looked back, the DPS was approaching with gun drawn and moron was opening car door. I thought I was watching cops (Sorry Just the Facts).

As I drove on, with my two charges, I looked back and had pride that he would be spending the night in the pokey.

(Da – Da – Dum DUM) (Dragnet march begins)
So my two charges are here at the temporary holding facility awaiting transport to their detention center in Indiana.

I really think these two are innocent though….
Next Week: Sgt. Thursday investigates a collection of Lubbock’s finest at a church and a donut shop.
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