SO I went to the Ferlin Huskey Memorial Drinking Festival and did what I usually do… drink too much. Mornings/Afternoons afterwords are usually filled with awkward pauses and uncomfortable moments where I ask myself… Did I do anything stupid?

The USUAL aftermath is having people and friends “TELL ME” what I said, did and who I offended. Well this year I came home and blogged about what bothered me and what happened at festival and I read it this morning.

Wow, I hit on one of the Frilot Twins. I didn’t know I had it in me. But I guess that explains why I have a red pinch mark on my ass. I guess the scratch mark on my wrist and bruises on my arms are from when my “Friends” tried to throw me into the pool… and failed.

Once again the fruit that I intoxicate seemed to be the hit of the party.

As for Randi, good riddance to bad rubbish. Never liked her before, she was a horrible employee and a even worse friend.

I do remember kissing someone, but don’t know who it was and I do have Nicole’s number written on the back of a movie ticket. So I guess I’ll have to try the second Nicole in as many weeks and see what happens. I’d like to see different people and discover a new group of friends. Because as I have said in a previous blog…

Perception and Reality are totally different.

Scott Turow in pg 514 of his book “The Laws of Our Fathers” has a great quote. He says “There are maybe three billion men on the planet. Some are smarter. Some are better-looking. And most of them have more hair. But I’ve got one advantage over every single one of them: I know how great you are. And I’m not sure you’ve ever met another man who does”

I feel that this quote is appropriate. There are alot of men on this planet who are better than me in alot of things. I just have to find the woman who knows how great I am.

This time of year is the time of year where I reevaluate where I am and who I am in life. Am I happy where I am? Yes. I’ve almost paid off all my bills with the exception of two student loans and a credit card bill. My house is becoming in order. I’m trying to be better fiscally, mentally and physcially. Sometimes I struggle with the small things but I am working on it.

Am I happy with who I am? I dunno. I see people with much more having more problems and with much less being happy. Do I want happiness? HELL YES! Am I going to find it easily… no. There are days when I wonder what might have been… but you can’t get caught up in such matters.

But I am taking each day at a time, looking for everything and nothing the same hoping each day will be one less Instant Tragedy where I just add water.