AV was the cause of my Divorice
So I had a “date” last night, I was meeting someone that I talk to every once in a while. We were just seeing if there was anything for us to explore. I had cancelled on her once because of problems here at the office in relation to AV.

So as I am leaving to go meet her at the house for dinner and a movie…

“Sean, come up here and deal with BE. AV has died again.”

great… “So I have to…” I said. “Go up to the station I kinda figured. Look this isn’t gonna work so thanks for dinner and I guess I’ll talk to you in the future sometime”

Once again Audio Vault has kept me from a date.
You know it get tiring that every time I try to have a normal life, I am not allowed because something goes wrong.

Is it something I did in a previous life…. did I hurt a small ant or offended some sacred cow? I just want to know why we are not like any other system in the world. Why we seem to have more problems than any other.

It’s not the curse of “Easy Peasy”
It’s not sabotage.
Hell it could be just plain bad luck
I just want to know.

You know there are many contributing factors to my divorice. I know and admit it.
Yes my wife was a witch,

Yes my wife thought every listener was trying to get into my pants…

Yes my wife wasn’t happy…

If I wasn’t here dealing with this ongoing problem of AV our marriage probably could have lasted longer. I blame Broadcast Electronics and their Audio Vault system for the patches that fixed one problem and caused three others, I blame the inability of our group to buy the system that my friend Brian recommended but instead cheaped out on.

I even blame myself.

But most of all I blame the Audio Vault.

One thought on “AV was the cause of my Divorice

  1. Again, I can’t speak for your divorce, but I can say this, if I end up divorced because of AV, I will be sending “an executive to be named at a later date and time” a bill for my divorce and lawyers and probably even a salary!

    “Sean Replies: Wow can I send AV A BILL! Wow It’ll be ”

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