There is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance…

The Hottie Factor

There has to be some formula in the world that can show the weirdness that place in the dating world nowadays.

I have seen more super hot, beautiful women who have bemoaned to me their total inability to find the right man of their dreams. Some of them had the following to say:

“I think of myself as pretty but not gorgeous enough to get the man I need”

“I might be pretty but all the guys who ask me out now are nothing more than empty shells. They may have a body of sin right now, but barely know how to wash their own underwear.”

“The guys I date think of me as more of a sex kitten. Sex, Sex, Sex but when I ask them about a TV show, or what they think about the environment all I get is an empty stare”

“I’m not just here to serve a man a beer in a bra and a thong if he isn’t going to utilize that moment to do anything but slap me on the ass and ask for the TV Guide”

It’s like I said in a previous article titled “Perspective and Reality”… Nothing is what it seems. The four women I talked to for this piece all had similar thoughts and similar dreams. They ranged in age from 20 to 28. Now some would say that my age range is very narrow and I talked to too few a sample size. Hell I could talk to fifty women and get the same results.

Women have been given such a low self esteem as their families have made it their jobs to make the women the “perfect marrying type”. Mom’s have ground it into their daughters mind is that they need to find a man that is not only good looking but makes plenty of money. My ex-wife’s grandmother said “Marry for money first dear, then marry for love”. It seems such a sad affair when this happens.

What the woman of today is looking for…

Someone that loves them unconditionally.
Someone that cares about their family and is close to them.
Someone that will treat them with respect
Are you interesting to talk to?
Are you clean, well groomed?
Do you have a sense of humor?
Do you listen to people?
Do you project some self-confidence?
Do you have ideas for places to go with a woman?
Do you have any flair for conversation?
Do you have a brain?
Do you have passion for ANYTHING?
Do you show any emotions? Especially cry!
“He’s gotta be sweet, sense of humor, caring, like kids, honest, observant, not a **BLEEP** BLEEP** ”

Is this too hard for men nowadays? Maybe. I think the self-confidence is where most men get tripped up on. There is a difference and a fine line between Self-Confidence and arrogance. I think this is where most “pretty boys” screw up. You have to treat a woman with respect and honor.

I’ve seem to want the impossible. I want someone who is everything in my dreams and yet someone that is my friend.

But maybe in my thoughts that I need to settle for someone okay is that hottie than I am missing out on. I guess I’ll have to put on a different shade of glasses when I look. But until I find her…