Here’s the rest of the story from yesterday’s day of frustration…

So I played in the Goin Band Golf Classic along with Joey Bruington, Gary Reed and The Coach from KLLL. We started out on 16 and Joey hit a laser beam that ended about 6 foot from the cup. Closest anyone hit ALL DAY LONG (won Joey a wine basket). We missed the birdie putt. We kinda let that be our inspiration the rest of the tournament working to get back the shot we lost at 16. My job, get the ball safely in the fairway and then let the three golf wizards pull out their Big Bertha drivers and go mad.

I did my job letting them go crazy and it worked up into when we turned in our scorecard. A 14 under 58 sounded like a winner. But we felt that screwing up 16 was made up for the two eagles and multiple birdies on the course. Then it was announced that a scorecard tiebreaker gave one of the teams we created on Rock 101 2nd place. I knew they had shot well but I then heard that 57 was the number. I was sick. Man we all were. We wanted to win but just came up short. Third isn’t bad! Such is life.

So I came back to the office and got absolutely nothing done. Went home and showered and felt good about the Buffalo Wild Wing APL Tournament of Champions. About 40 players started and it was the best of the best of the best. Everyone was either playing real loose or real tight. I didn’t get any hand at all and played tight until I finally got A 2 suited clubs. The flop came out K CL K D 5 H. I bet 100 to see if the king was out there and everyone folded but john to my left. The 4 CL came next. I bet it again 500. I knew I had the nut flush draw, and gutshot straight draw. The 3 of D hit and I had my wheel. I went all in. John called immediately and showed me 6 7 suited clubs. He stayed in with 6 7 after a raise on the flop and the turn with nothing but a draw. You could say after the flop you had a draw too. I thought that my ace beat anything he had and that the club draw was better than his. I made a mistake and let him get draw to his hand and not folding away mine.

My mistake.

So last night I talked with another of my friends. Let’s call her Amy so you can just keep everything straight. I know over eight Amy’s so just don’t try to figure out which one it is, go along with the story. Amy’s been dating Dick for about 3 months. Its been great for her sexually but nothing mentally. She’s been divorced and has been enjoying the time that Dick spends with her. He takes care of her needs and makes her feel like a woman again. The problem is Dick’s a dick. He’s not finished divorcing his current wife Jane. He’s technically cheating on his wife. Dick is immature and childish. Dick has been known to screw around.

She asked for my advice. I told her that her need for a relationship was ok but her need for a relationship with a Dick is not healthy. How does she know that Dicks not being a dick?

How does she know that he is trustworthy. Her claim was “But Sean, he makes me feel so good”. That’s nice but if he is just using you for sex it doesn’t matter. She was going to break it off with him today.

The bet is $5 that they have sex tonight and she gets back together with him. I don’t know what it is about total dicks. They get the women that good guys want to date and then they end up dumping them. Which then brings the women we wanted to date back to us to console them until they end up dating a dick again.

I’m not sure I’ve ever used the word Dick so much in a blog. Maybe next time I used the term Heywood.

The moral of this story… Dick might be good for you in the short term, but a nice guy has a much LONGER return.

4 thoughts on “Poker,Golf, and Friendship Recap

  1. I was NOT having sex as we spoke. And fyi, there’s always more to the story.

    Sean Replies: “Of course there is…” but lets skip the boring stuff and get to the juicy details!

  2. a) no bet
    b) “Dick might be good for you in the short term”????? If someone Google’s that and comes to your site, they’re gonna think …. umm, yeah. Nevermind.

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