Especially Parents…

As I am talking to someone who works at BE (NOW THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE AN AV STORY JUST FOLLOW ALONG) and her and her siblings names are: Chyna, Austin, Paris Ray, Dallas Gene.

Her full name is Chyna Destiny Shephard. She made me laugh today.

Lucky husband probably has some boring name like BOB.

You can’t make up names like her family because she’s from Stoner Parents from Nebraska (C) 2005 Chyna Doll Enterprises Inc.

After spending last night praying for the unmentionable system to completely die and after it didn’t, it was good to get a laugh from someone who knows that you just have to smile or you’ll fall apart.

But I’ll let the carrier pigeons, duck tape, bailing wire and lawn mower engine do the work now. I’m going to have a laugh.

Thanks General Chyna

Pictures of Chyna are available from her website

One thought on “People make me laugh…

  1. Actually his name is Paul. A former football player turned coach. Others in the house include cat named Foo and McKenna Anne (16 months) who delights in hitting mommy with the Direct Tv remote whenever SpongBob isn’t on. (This would be a “direct” way of putting her opinion out there.)

    Sean Replies: “Those who can’t, coach. Wow a little cat foo foo. McKenna Anne is a lovely name! Is what you have to do in Illinois is watch DirectTV? Hmmm Sad life I apologize for not getting your name spelled correctly the first time”

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