But I am too tired too…

I am now finally home, waiting for the magic “The AV has crashed again”. I am home after totally getting the system up to watch it die again and have a certain company tell me that we’ll have to wait for friday to get a computer to us.

I can’t take it anymore.

Somebody smart said the words Contributory Negligence.

BE and other parties have in my eyes committed Contributory Negligence to my health, to my family life and now my sanity.

I used to enjoy working with computers… don’t anymore
I used to enjoy making things work… don’t anymore
I used to enjoy the AV… Now that’s a lie.

So I sit in my bed awaiting the phone to ring.


Cause I turned my ringer off and my pager off too.

BITE ME! I’m going to sleep!

A friend mentioned Karma to me today.

What did I do in a previous life to deserve this?

I guess My Name is Earl.
Where’s the damn Lottery TICKET!

One thought on “I could start out on a rant…

  1. Karma is a funny thing you see. It’s kind of like when you were a kid and you intended to launch a spitball at your buddy…. but wind shears from the window air conditioner, your aim is misguided because the new girl bent down to pick up her pencil… all of the things that could redirect this fate-born projectile do and….you know the rest. This is life. Throws spit soaked crap at you whenever it feels like it. Sleep and friendship are the only shields that anyone can count on. And when those don’t work like they should there are sleeping pills, chocolate and masturbation.
    There… enough on that.

    Sean Replies: “Well, at least we know she Masturbates…”

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