The funny thing is I have the chapter outline for one of my novels and the plot done. All it takes is courage to start writing. Haven’t found it yet…

The Castle: Book One Chapter summary

1. My Invisible Life
2. The Accident
3. Meeting James
4. The Castle
5. Shopping for Jeanna
6. Druids in the Basement
7. Revenge is a dish best served naked
8. Exploring the Castle
9. The 3rd Sub basement floor
10. Morphing for fun & profit
11. For Every Action…
12. There is an equal and opposite reaction
13. Jeanna’s Pussycat Palace
14. Leather and & Lace
15. The Postman never rings
16. The night the earth stood still
17. The New Moon
18. Mourning
19. Lady of the Lake
20. Return of the Druids
21. History always repeats itself.
22. The Feast
23. Taming of the Shrew
24. Return of an old friend
25. High school Reunion
26. Forever Young
27. Lessons to learn.
28. The 3rd Sub-Basement
29. Lust in the 60’s tonight
30. A new addition
31. Jeanna’s Pussycat Harley
32. Something smells funny…
33. Red Moon Rising
34. Role Reversal
35. The Shrew’s Daughter
36. The Full Moon
37. If you treasure it, you shall lose it
39. Fire & Water
40. Burying the dead
41. Mr. Sandman
42. A trip without leaving
43. The Darkness of a man
44. Shiva
45. Solstice
46. Toys for Tits
47. Teacher’s Pet
48. Meeting thyne maker
49. Auld Lang’s Syne

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  1. Sounds great, Sean. I hope you do write it someday. I’m certain that it would be a work of art. 😉

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