What I believe in about Radiothon…

I’ve learned that you never get everything you want at a convention but sometimes the portions you do take away are more valuable than anything. The success of the radio portion of Celebration was due to the hard work of Bob Lind, and the entire Radiothon staff.

I believe that the strength of Radiothon is in the people who create and run Radiothons. I was inspired by the stories of other Radiothons around the nation and the successes they had. I was amazed by the lessons learned and shared by guest speaker Larry King. I was touched by the great production put forth to make such incredible vignettes and montages that won at the Radio Awards. I was honored to be part of the team that put together our own award winning Radiothon. But I was left feeling that Radiothon hasn’t truly shown what it is capable of doing. The money raised around the country is just a small percentage of the future fundraising of Radiothon.

I believe that we can do better.

I would love to see an even bigger Radiothon portion in the following meetings. Sessions on Radiothon Brainstorming where tables are put together to brainstorm on ideas for problems that we all have so new perspectives are discovered. I would like to see a session on selling local sponsorships that help with matching hours and additional Radiothon revenue. I would like to see a session where Radiothons are air checked and torn apart to show negatives and positives. I would like to see a session on pre-interviewing and interviewing so it can help on air success. I would like to see a larger structure developed to support Radiothon further. We have merely tipped the smallest portion of the iceberg named Radiothon.

I believe in miracles. I believe that when I lost my sister ten years ago to Cancer that a path was created for me. A path to help children so fewer big brothers had to help bury their baby sister. I believe that with every Radiothon I coordinate my sister Tara is smiling down upon me with pride.

The enthusiasm that we have here at KLLL/KMMX/KONE is due to the families that we have, the loved ones that we have lost, and the dedications that our community deserves the best medical care anywhere. We gain more family members here at Nextmedia – Lubbock due to each miracle family being brought closer to us. We never forget the battles and the children we have lost and we treasure the children that we have helped to save. Each year we celebrate another birthday of a miracle and the miracles yet to come.

The future of Radiothon is up to each of you. Radiothons can be as big as your imagination. Our friends at CMN talk about the power of 170. Well Radiothon is the Love of 135 and growing.

I believe in Miracles and the people behind them. God Bless the Kids, the Doctors, Nurses and Staff and you for helping them.