Something I wrote min ago while I couldn’t sleep.

Funny thing is

still can’t sleep

The Cell

I am in my cell
thinking of my crimes
of lies,deceipt and

I am in my cell
thinking of my mistakes
and how I got

I am in my cell
thinking of the hurt
that I have caused

I am in my cell
wishing to be free
But put away
for life.

I am in my cell,
a cell of my
own choosing.

For the door to escape
is open and al I need
to do is walk

But I am in my cell
the cell of my mind
Trapped, Alone, Forever.

One thought on “When I get on a roll…

  1. Have no fear emotional baggage girl is here to save you. Sneaks in when the guard isn’t looking and hands you a file. Now its just up to you to breakout. You have the tools and the know how so put them to use damn it.

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