So I went to the KLLL Free Concert this year featuring Dierks Bentley. Which brings up the very point.

“Who the hell names their kid Dierks? And if so… Did he get beat up at school alot?

Never mind… the point is I went out to the concert to help out and to make sure that the KLLL CMN Radiothon Autographed guitars I needed for the auction got signed. That’s it, nothing else.

I pissed off people like I do every year, telling them that they can’t sit in the 1st 4 rows since they were reserved for outr clients who brought the concert. But I digress…

This was the most successful free concerts EVER. Over 10,000 people got in.

However somehow either people were let in without tickets or something happened when with 200 people still in line to get in…

The police officers closed the doors.

No more people allowed in.

Uh huh. Even Judge Sam Medina wasn’t allowed in. Then the problems started. The fire marshall was called in. More people allowed in and then not allowed in.

Mass confusion. Reason… Bad Cop. No Donut.

9 O’Clock show wasnt better at all. The cops were yelling at the fair staff and was not very nice.

So as I am watching people (not the concert) get turned away at the door due to Sergeant Fife, I get asked “Do you work for KLLL”

“I work for the company that owns KLLL, how can I help you” as I turn around to see… Sergeant Fife in my personal space.

Now I call him Fife, cause not only was he hiding his name tag but also his badge so I couldn’t see his number.

Fife starts the berrating on how this was done all wrong and how he should write a ticket or bring someone in for causing a near riot.

“I’m just middle management. You’ll have to take it up with Upper Management.” I replied.

His response was to continue to yell about me being irresponsible and violate my personal space until another officer had to pull him away.

I hate people that have a badge and a chip on their shoulder. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to the concert. I’m sorry you didn’t get to eat funnel cake and be bored and ACTUALLY HAD TO WORK.

TOUGH $hit. Deal with it.

So I told my boss and coincidentally he, after the concert had a conversation with the same officer.

The result: The Same. Officer Fife, aka Officer Chip Onmyshoulder was equally a prick to my boss as me.

Therefore… We salute the Lubbock Police Force. Finest cops donuts can buy. I can’t wait to hear Jon Steele RIP the police a new one.