Every once in a while I write down and then change what I would say to someone that I would like to spend the rest of my life with.

If I could say it to someone special now…

It would sound like this.

My dearest love,

I want you to know that I miss the sound of your voice each day that I am without it. I know the hesitation that we will both had the moment before our first kiss. I long for the eternity that will be spent holding you in my arms. I can not wait for the great joys we will share, the great sorrows we will commiserate. I long for your soul running though my heart and mine through yours. I want to touch you mind, your heart, your soul. I just want you to be mine forever and ever.

I’ll wait. Remember I am going to make you fall in love with me forever and ever.

I Love You.

Now to find someone to say it to…

3 thoughts on “A letter to my future wife…

  1. Just Beautiful…..Can you write one for me??? One to your emotional baggage girl please. I wanna feel special. lol

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