“Just wait till you have kids, you’ll get yours.” he said as I laughed when I caused trouble when I was nine. I never thought I would ever “GET YOURS”. I was wrong.

So on the way home from Hurst to Lubbock today I encountered 7 police cars, 4 highway patrolmen and 7 fights between Shelby and Ryan.

Most of the time it was the traditional:
“He’s touching me, no she’s touching me”

and I invoked the words of many comedians and my father.

“Don’t make me turn this car around.”

It was truly comedic. I tried to keep the peace and a good bit of my sanity as we drove the 300+ miles back to Lubbock. A good 5 hour trip turned into the seven hour trip from hell.

I’ve never seen two kids who really love each other try to annoy the living snot out of each other.

We stopped at McDonalds in Sweetwater so I could take a break from driving and let them run around till they go tired.

Then two highway patrolmen walked in and caused my daughter to go to investigative reporter mode. I think if anyone has the ability to follow in their dad’s footsteps , my daughter is it.

“So this is your badge. Does it hurt to put it on? Does this patch itch? Have you ever shot anyone bad. How fast does your car go. My daddy is taking me back to Lubbock cause thats where Mommy has to pick us up. We live in Indiana…”

I apologised profusely and the patrolmen just laughed, answered my daughters questions and said to study hard when she said that she wanted to be a policewoman.

We got home just in time to unload the car and get everything ready for dinner. Went to 50th Street Caboose and played games. They got tons of noisemakers and swords and stuffed animals that I would hate to see their room after they get home.

I love spoiling them when I get to see them. It’s so much fun to give them their birthday and christmas presents here where I CAN SEE their reaction. I love them so much and it hurts to see them cry when they hurt or are sad.

Right now they are sleeping like angels. I’ll post some pictures of the adventurers later this week.

Manditory work meeting tomorrow morning and then I think we may go to the Maize. OR we may get their pictures made with Pamra Culp.

I just haven’t decided. But I understand what dad meant by “you’ll get yours”. It meant you get the good times, the bad times, but enjoy ALL the times that you’ll get, cause you’ll never get them again.