Sometimes I write, not what I should, but what I need to write. Maybe it just comes from the soul, my heart. But I need to let my soul loose sometimes. Maybe I just need to tell you something…

A letter because I can’t vocalize my feelings…

to my next wife, whoever she is.

What answer can I give you
to make your uncertainty go away?
What dream can I help
To make you happy today?

I cannot wait,
but wait I try,
for our love is on hold,
each time we say good bye.

I want to hold you
to touch to feel.
I need your support,
to make it real.

I love you darling,
without a doubt.
I’d scream it from mountain,
to mountaintop.

You see Wild Horses can’t keep me away.
If I need to come, to steal you away.

I’ll come to see you and hold you tight.
I can not live without your love tonight.

Please come and talk and love me tight.
I’ll just not stand, for just one night.

I need you,
Your Heart and Soul.
Please be with me

I Love You.
Now and FOREVER.

Don’t doubt my love now.
Don’t fear it tomorrow.
Just know that I LOVE YOU
and WILD HORSES WON’T Keep me away.

Whatever you need me to do I will do. Whatever I need to say I will say it. I could not fall back to sleep and I had to immediately read what you sent me and wanted to write to you what I need. I need for you to not be hurt, but I am in too deep dear. I can’t just walk away and give up on this. I am too emotionally involved. Tell me that you don’t feel the attachment either. Tell me you don’t long to hear my voice. Tell me you don’t want want to keep us a secret anymore. Tell me that you are willing to move toward something. JUST TELL ME SOMETHING.

I have waited for you to figure out what you need and want.

I will wait.

This may be the hardest test of my life.

BUT whatever you need to tell me or show me or have me to show you or tell you I will.

Remember, my life is an open book.

Isn’t it better to let you know what is happening rather than if I told you nothing. I have been nothing but truthful with you. I have given you nothing but love and the truth.

BUT I am ready to show you ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

All you have to do is ask.

…now if I could only pick up the phone and tell her what I really think.

(Author’s Note: Somedays life doesn’t make sense. But out of confusion comes sanity. Maybe one day sanity will come out of confusion)

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