There are two words that are the most powerful negative words that a person can use. We use them in anger, in frustration and in sympathy. We rarely use them for a positive purpose. We use them to cut off a friend’s argument at the legs and ridicule others that we don’t like.

The words, well let’s look at the nominees for powerful negative words.

Thank You can have some powerful positive meaning. I can look at someone with true sincerity in my heart and say Thank You, which will make him or her feel warm, fuzzy and nice. You can say Thank You and also seem hated, bitter and angry, but the warm, fuzzy, lemon squeezie feelings throw Thank You into a world that normally is used for good and not for evil.

Your Welcome can have both positive and negative connotations. I can slam the door on my enemies face and say, “Your Welcome” and yet I can also look at a child’s eye when I give them a present that they appreciate and say “Your Welcome” without feeling anything but love and caring. So we can’t use these words as the most powerful negative words in the universe.

How about I’m Sorry? I know technically it is three words, but its my universe, lets discuss the words I’m Sorry. How many times when you were young did you have to make up with a sibling and didn’t mean it when you said “I’m Sorry”. I can count on hands, toes and in my mind the numerous times I’ve been told to apologize to a coworker, friend or enemy and the venom coming out of my mouth would make hydrochloric acid seem like Lubbock tap water.

How about, You (Suck, Fuck, Jackass etc…)? There is barely anything good that you can say about this word combination. But do those words really have any power? NO! They are almost comical as there is many times a day I get a “Sean you SUCK!” e-mail from my friends. Does this cause me to shake in my boots? Does it cause me to lose sleep at night?

No. The most powerful negative words next to I Hate You (Which doesn’t qualify on the two word limit) are…

Never Mind.

Yes, never mind are the most powerful negative words in the universe. They trump, Thank You and Your Welcome, they blow away I’m Sorry (even without the three word technicality) and don’t get me started on Thanks God.


You can be talking to someone who you are discussing something that might be important or not and all you have to do to end conversation or chop off their complete thought process is utter “Never Mind”. You’ve basically said that no matter what they have said, are going to say, or will say, that their thought process is flawed and that they are completely wrong.

You can’t do that with any other words.

Take an argument, for example. You can make your opponent madder than hell by just saying never mind. You’ve chopped their argument off at the knees. You are telling them that you are right, they are wrong and you really don’t have to listen to anything else to what they have to say, so why waste their breath.

Now, Never Mind is specifically made for Mother in Law’s, attorneys or long talking Cliff Claven know it alls.

Show me a pair of words that can make small children cringe, friends hide and I would tell you to stop showing the words that make up my ex-wife’s name. (JUST A JOKE ANGIE). You can’t show me more powerful words. Even the 21st century version of Never Mind “WHAT EVER…” which could be a derivative of the evil NM doesn’t have that power because “What EVER” seems juvenile. Never Mind is more cold, callous and hating.

Find me two more words that are more powerful that Never Mind and I’ll debate you to death.

I can’t end this blog on a negative note so I’ll tell you the following…

The Republicans Two Most Powerful Positive Words… Jesus Saves.

The Democratic Response… and passes it to Gretsky who scores.

But the three most powerful words in the universe for all of time…

I Love You.

You can’t beat the power of love… or can you?

Never Mind!

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  1. Just thought i would add the fact that you forgot about the words What ever..there is another good one that goes with never mind.

    Sean Replies: “At the end of my entry I bring up the words What Ever as the 21st century version of NM”

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