Lately I’ve been traveling down a road that I know so well, it’s a road of self examination and discovery. But along that path I’ve discovered that I haven’t discovered what I need to…

In the words of my red headed friend, “Quit taking the left turn down Self Doubt Boulevard, and get yourself on the expressway to happy happy joy joy.”

The problem is that I keep making left turns afraid to make the “right” turn.

I’ve been doing great at work, I almost had yet another piece of my writing used for a commercial project and I am discovering new ways to curse at my car.

But as I discuss all the bad poker beats, lack of a significant other and my falling apart automobile I keep reminding myself of all the great achievements that I have accomplished in the last year.

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams runs parallel to Success Ave I just have to find the right side street to get me on the right path.

Yesterday I helped a friend deal with a traumatic experience in her life. I could have said many things but I ended up telling her the things that somedays I should just stand in front of the mirror and tell myself.

It’s easy to help others, but the old expression :
“Physician heal thyself”

But can we fix ourselves? I found that the more I told her how wonderful she was that she retreated into a level of self doubt that I haven’t seen in others yet only thought it was possible in myself.

Do we look too forward in our lives hoping for Success Ave and end up due to a detour or two to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams? Maybe we shouldn’t have taken Expectation Ave route and should have taken the Hard Luck Expressway.

We are all on the road of life and sometimes we run out of gas and have to pull over for life reevaluation. Then we get gassed up via the encouragment of others or the buckling down of our own.

Life is a highway as the song says, and it’s like Manhattan with alternate side of the street parking and side streets that are one way during rush hour. Everything is not labelled easy and you can get lost easily. There is no GPS to get us on the right path as well as one path that have shown to be successful for one may be a dead end for another.

You see, the street signs change. One path may be the Boulevard of Broken Dreams for me and yet it could be Success Ave for you. Everything is relative.

Can you judge the man who invented the Horse and Buggy with the same level as the man who split the first atom? No, because they are pioneers in their own relative time.

There are men and women that would kill to have my job in Radio. I’m Afternoon Drive/ Program Director in Lubbock and people would dream to be in my shoes. To me, I’m looking down the Boulevard of Broken Dreams and yet to someone else it is Success Ave.

I should be grateful for the opportunities that I have been given by the grace of the Big Guy and people along the way.

The signs are optical illusions. To me I see the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. To a young man looking up at the bright lights of Lubbock, they say Success Ave.

Time to relook at the signs again.

Think about it

Exit, Exit Stage left? or is it Right? I knew I should have taken that right turn at Seminole

3 thoughts on “Fork in the road…

  1. What you say rings all too true – there are (amazingly) those who think I’ve ‘done good’ by working (indirectly) in the film industry, but at the end of the day I’m still just an every day bloke trying to make ends meet. The bottom line is that you have to do whatever brings you joy. For some that is money, for others that is fame. For me, it is knowing that I have brought happiness to the world, even if it is an infinitesimal amount – if I can make someone happy on any given day, then it is a good day in my book.

    Remember that you are your own worst critic, and learn to appreciate the joy you bring to others.

    And yes, I can learn much by following my own advice. The bottom line is, while others may see ‘success’ when looking at our lives, I think it is healthy to be a bit more critical and look for areas that can be improved. But at the very least give yourself credit for what you have accomplished so far – it will give you the strength to move forward.


    Sean Replies:”I’m glad I have friends around the world who are coming back again and again to read what I have to say here. It’s nice to feel that what I do say has some deep and hidden meaning.”

  2. My dear, if only they made signs that easy.

    If only…

    Or is it maybe…

    I can’t quite remember.

    Sean Replies: “The signs are there dear Alisha, we just are driving by too fast to notice them.”

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