I don’t know what it is. But it’s funny how I can set up people, helping people out…

and the only people I get setup with live MILES away.

But the eyes are the window to your soul,
walk slowly and carefully not to get hurt.

Do I need to fear you,
do I need to care for you.

The love I have to share is for all
but do you want it?

What is love?
What is pain?
What is loneliness.

I know pain and loneliness.

Show me love.

2 thoughts on “I dunno,

  1. Hurt me baby so good….I think that’s how it goes…

    Sean Replies:”WHip you, beat you, make you write bad checks?”

  2. I’m replying b/c a have a stark feeling that this one was meant for me, but I will make it a point to say that really, though I respond, my response is speechless…
    Sean, our lives are so public. We are two people who throw our towels to the wind and run…free and open. Obviously that can work well on the giggle, giggle, comments and the bouncing back and forth with each other. Love is something that I hold back, afraid to give. I leave things like our love…or friendship to the less public style. Afterall, some things are meant only for your ears.

    Sean Replies:”Like ‘Harder Harder, right there, right there’?”

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