When I was young I knew one thing, I hated taking tests.

What was even worse were the tests that I studied my ass for, thought I had done great on and come back with the red circled D or the infamous SEE ME.

I hated those times.

Lately I’ve had friends who’ve been in school taking tests and they’ve been telling me about those “feelings” that they had

“I just went in thinking I knew nothing and yet I got an A”

“The test was easy, almost too easy.” – She got an A

“I finished it in under 30 min. Seemed simple to me” – Failed

Funny how some thoughts are still universal when it comes to tests even 10 years from the last one I had to take.

I always hated the standardized tests.

I remember the first time I had to take the “California Achievement Test” which was weird cause I was living in New York at the time.

I had missed the first sitting weeks ago because I had a double ear infection/sinus infection etc.

So I was sitting trying to take my test when my stomach grumbled.

I remember the teacher saying that this would be the last time the we would be able to take this test and it went on our “PERMANENT RECORD”. So I was nervous. My stomach was doing dances.

And just before we hit the last section of the test. It hit me.

I had the stomach flu.

I tried to get the teacher’s attention to tell her that I needed to go to the restroom, but she said to wait 5 min until we finished the section.

But it was too late.

And I blew chunks all over my test, desk, friend in front of me.

and the teacher saw my panic in my eye and brought a wastepaper basket.

But at this time I was panicing.

I was scooping puke off my test.

“I have to finish this test I can’t have this bad mark on my permanent record I KNOW I got an A. .”

When I came to I was at the house with a 104 fever and the knowledge that I blew my chance to have anything else but people laugh at the boy who got sick at the standardized test.

Next test story I remember was when Duke University was having an honor student search. I remember I had to take the SAT in 7th grade.

I remember taking the test and being mentally drained.

My mom and dad said that they were so proud of their scholar and took me to Chili’s for a Chili’s special meal (that doesn’t exist anymore had a hamburger and a hot dog on the same bun) and all I remember was eating, getting into the car and passing out.

So tests I love the challenge of taking, I just put everything in when I do take a test.

Finally I remember when I first took my first real SAT when I was in 11th grade. I remember walking out of the building turning over to the people outside and automatically signing up for the next test thinking I had dropped the biggest bomb EVER.

Funny thing was it was my best test ever.

Interesting how when you think you have failed, is most of the time that you make some of your greatest successes.

Class Dismissed.