Now I could put this in a full rant but I feel that this is different than a rant. This Editorial is rated S for Sad…

Comedy… Have you seen comedy?

Just look at our 2006 Olympic Team..

Where we are supposed to be strong we are weak this time and THANK GOD for SNOWBOARDING!

If it wasn’t for the Flying Tomato and his crew of misfits we would be seriously in trouble.

People have been talking about Black Saturday, Grey Sunday. We should just admit one thing.

Home Snow and Ice means something for the U.S.

We fed off the energy that the home ice gave us , our fans our country.

Then we got Bodefied. We became too good to be held accountable for our actions.

But isn’t that how we are in life right now? There is a percentage of our country that wants us to just give them something, a hand out, but will do nothing in exchange for that hand out.

Our society feels that we need to be kind, hospitable, but we are so screwed up it is scary!

Expectations are only expected if they are reachable. We leave no child behind, we lower expectations and everyone passes. We have tests that don’t show the one thing that is necessary for us to realize.

We are behind the world in math, science and english. People used to have great pride and joy in Made in U.S.A. What happened to that joy and pride?

It’s gone. It’s gone because we don’t care anymore.

We can’t care. We don’t have the time, we’re off to pick up the kids at soccer practice, go meet the bosses for dinner and we really don’t have time to cook, so lets just stop by and grab some fast food.

We are the ugly Americans.

9-11-01 was a day of terror for me. My ex-wife, Shelby and unborn Ryan was getting ready to get on a plane to Dallas. When I heard the news I could only pray for my families safe return. When I held them for the first time days later my heart took a jump and for a second I knew what fear was.

How this country needed a wake up call and 9-11 was ours. We actually sang the national anthem, flew flags and meant it when we tied those yellow ribbons around the trees in our front yard,

But what has happened less than 5 years later? We have returned to our lazy habits again. We forget to remove our hat before the anthem and instead of singing it mumble their words. Where has our pride gone?

How sad it is to see the flags that are up in our country that people put up with pride and now are tattered and yet still flying. How sad is it to see the people who we are now prosecuting for their malicious and asinine taking advantage of the FEMA in New Orleans after Katrina. We have families who can’t return to their homes and we have morons spending FEMA cash on massages and strip clubs.

For shame!

Bring back the pride, take the right wing and left wing morons and tell them to all shove it. Let’s not be divided into Red States and Blue States but be the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!

Say the pledge of alegience to our flag with pride. Say the words UNDER GOD as our forefathers intended.
Bring back national pride. I am damned proud to be an American but saddened to see what this country is now.

Care about our schools and help them help your kids. Make your school boards make sure that your kids and our are not passed because of numbers made by politicians. Make them pass because they know the material and give the teachers the materials they need to help our students!

Care about your kids, your neighborhood. Have pride again.

For that is what truly makes this country great.