Now I’ve just been watching the unfolding of stupidity upon stupidity by people I know…and all I want to know is…

Are kids nowadays even MORE STUPID than before?

This Rant talks about people who want something for nothing, charities that will get nothing and a funny ex-wife story which will give the reason why I encourage people NEVER to EVER SHOP AT J.C. Penney’s

The Rant:

Now it wouldn’t be the first time that I would get on a rant…

But the kids today are just plain lazy. I can’t believe how many people have called me today asking for free stuff.

“Hey Sean, long time no hear, hey about tonight’s Nickelback tickets. Do you happen to have any extras?”

Yeah I keep a stash of concert tickets in my pants for abusers like you. The people who try and get me to “be a friend” and take care of you when I haven’t seen nor heard of you in a long while. Then when I do need your help you are long gone. My car could be screwed and you wouldn’t be there to fix it, but you are there for the free tickets. There are some days I wish I could take the lot of people that use me and show them the classified ads.

“Get a freaking job and buy your own damn tickets!” I would love to say.

I’ve spent today getting phone call after phone call from people asking me for favors especially from people who only need something from me.

It’s annoying.

Then I have to deal with people who I have helped in the past and I feel owe ME favors. Instead of helping me, they are quitting so they can move over to greener pastures.


I’m sick and tired of people expecting things from me and never delivering in return.

I’m sick of the youth today who thinks that they are “OWED” something. You want something. JUST GET A JOB AND EARN IT! I earned the money for my first computer, my first house, and I’ve paid off most of my bills.

How did I do that?


And I worked, and worked, and worked without asking “Is this enough to get me to move up or is this enough for me to get a cookie?”


If you don’t like something in our society today, stand up , VOTE, make your voice heard. If not, you lose.

You want the special benefits, then EARN THEM! You want special treatment, then EARN IT!

Don’t be asking for a handout, don’t be asking for a favor.

Cause nobody is handing out millions of dollars for free.


If someone has taken you under their wing, don’t stab them in their back, because I promise you this, when people get stabbed, they stab back.

For example a local charity this year after over 5 years of having us sponsor a SUCCESSFUL event has pulled out and gave it to our competition without even telling us first. They let me find out in a meeting of another associated group that helps them.

Do you think I will give another PSA or something free to these people EVER AGAIN?


They used me and threw me away.

Do I care? Yes. They like the other charity who looked to the “Allegedly Greener Grass” that left will wonder why their PSA’s will never be read. They will wonder why they competitors will get coverage and they will not from our four stations.

You stab me after I have been loyal to you and I will stab you back over and over again.

I will not give to The “Outreach” or the “Can Bank” ever again. I won’t support them and I will do everything in my power not to support them in the future.

Which brings up my ex-wife. I was trying to add her to my J.C. Penney’s charge card years ago. Please add my wife Angela Donahue

The card came and read

“Wife A M Donahue”

So me being the nice person I called up J.C. and asked them to send a card that said Angela Donahue on it.

What came back again?

“Wife A M Donahue”

SO I called them and told them in the nicest way possible that I would do anything in the world, but I would never EVER shop at J.C. Penneys again if I didn’t get a corrected card.

What did I get??

“Wife A M Donahue”

So I cut up the crad, sent it back to them cancelled my card and told them that since the South Plains Mall J C Penneys wouldn’t honor that card since it had WIFE in it instead of Angela that I wouldn’t shop there ever again, and I would shop at all their competitiors instead.

To this day, I still haven’t spent a dollar in a J C Penney’s store and I never will.

Will they learn? No. Will the money that I have spent in other retailers mean a penny in their profit margins? No.

BUT it’s the principle of the thing.

But that’s just me and I could be and have been in the past, wrong.

5 thoughts on “It’s the principle of the thing…

  1. it does not matter. really it doesn’t. it is the past and we should all move on. too much time wasted on anger. listen to the guy who has spent most of his life angry.

  2. sean,
    dude i understand your frustration completely. but dude… you sound worse than me on a bad beat. WOOOOOSAAAAAAA…. listen you know as well as i do that is part of your business. people will always ask for hand outs. and yes, kids do think the world owes them something. not gonna make the front page. sorry about the charity. i know how it feels to have someone treat you like a pawn and not show any respect for your efforts. loyality is huge principle in my life too. but we have all stabbed someone or something in the back in the past. no one is immune to this. dude.. let it go. you should know i did. and you know what i am talking about. love ya brother!!!

    Sean Replies:”Was I angry? what about? I forgot about it already!”

  3. But Sean I helped you put your sidewalk lights in that one day 9 years ago right after you moved into the house. Can’t I get some Nickelback tickets…hmmm?

    Sean Replies: “NO!”

  4. So…my chances of Nickelback tickets would be? 😉


    Sean Replies:”None, KISS MY ASS! Thank You Drive Through”

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