There was building going on in heaven, and the Big Guy was looking for his need. He had the best of designers but they were all missing the boat. He had a concept he wanted captured, a concept of wood and of love.

The Big Guy needed a carpenter, and he looked all throughout the land. He found carpenters a plenty, those with experience in everything. He saw them with lathes a ready, planes and colors of paint many.

But he had a thought of something special, and a special man did he need.

The Big Guy needed a carpenter and he saw one on earth he could use.

Yes, his son Patrick was brilliant and daring. He brought great passion to his work. The Big Guy needed his skilled hands.

So the Big Guy took him gently to heaven, no pain did he feel when he left. The Big Guy needed a carpenter and so he took my brother for him.

Now my brother is working with Michelangelo, discussing paint and the rest. My brother is discussing plans with Frank Lloyd Wright, as they all know that Pat was the best. Though in his mortal life, he did not make much money, and his works did not hang in the Louvre. The Big Guy needed a carpenter and he worked with only the best.

Though I cannot see his masterpiece now I know my brother is working.

I can hear “I’m on my way” in my ears. I can see Pat working while my sister watches, helping make it perfect.

The Big Guy needed a carpenter, how I wish he just didn’t need Pat now.

2 thoughts on “The Big Guy needed another carpenter

  1. I am saying the same as the previous comment, I also have tears for your sorrow and for the writing, and I also do not know when I will see you but I will give you a bear hug and will also be there for to listen if you need a friend.

  2. I can’t say anything …. tears. Tears for your sorrow and for the beautiful writing above.

    I’m not sure when I will see you, but when I do … know that silence and a bear hug are waiting.

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