One evening as I was staring into the middle of space realizing that both of my fantasy football teams were going to suck this year I wondered what would happen if I could continue my interview with the Big Guy, The Intelligent Designer.

I started writing questions that I would ask… and the answers just poured out too…

My questions in bold

Big Guy, what are you doing here?

You’ve had a lot of questions my child and I’ve been keeping you waiting. But I had my own purpose.

Ok Big Guy, why have I been in a funk lately?

Funk? You call this a funk? There are people who are living in cardboard boxes wishing for a warm meal and to be left alone and you call your emotional state a funk?

Isn’t that kinda harsh ?

My dearest child Sean, life is not meant for you to understand everything. If you knew what I had planned what fun would it be?

So what are you working on now Big Guy?

For you? (laughing) Wouldn’t you like to know?

Then answer why you took my sister and brother from me? Why did you allow me to tell one how I felt and not the other.

My child, I know you don’t understand the meanings of my ways. Your sister helped make you into the compassionate caring man that you are today. I saw the guilt that you had by not saying goodbye to your sister. I allowed you to give one more goodbye to your brother before he was brought to be cradled in my arms.


Absolutely. You always ask for things that you don’t want and yet never ask for things you need. Why is that?

Maybe, I dunno.

You ask for things that I cannot give you ever, yet you never ask for things that I can give you?

What is that? Peace of mind?

I can’t give you that for you must have that on your own. If I give you something that you truly don’t need you will not appreciate the things that I do give you.

Like my Ex-wife

Your ex-wife. (chuckles) Yes, because without your ex-wife you wouldn’t have the two joys in your life Shelby Lee and Ryan Matthew!

Why am I here Big Guy? I feel like I am lost.

Lost is a relative term. You don’t know where you are going. You know where you are.

So I am at the YOU ARE HERE arrow in the mall but I have no idea where anything is at.


Why do you do that?

Can you be lost if you know where you are? Can your soul be lost if I know that it is in your heart? Can your heart be hurt when I know it is strained but functioning like I designed it. Can you love without losing, live without living, work without struggling?

But I still feel lost.

You feel lost because you don’t have someone to share your life with. Do you feel selfish because you want to love and be loved? Do not at all feel that way.


I share the world with you, I share the sunrises and the sunsets, I share with you the stars and the clouds, every smell, and flavor. I share with you all the time. If you feel like you need love. Love me.

But I do.

Do you? Do you love me with your heart and soul? I know the correct answer.

This isn’t the same as the last time.

The last time I talked to you, you asked and asked. I’m talking now and you’re going to do the listening.


You have talents and knowledge that others pray for daily. Be a miracle for others. You have friends who want you to find out and help others. Get help and help them. You have wants and desires but do not act on them.


(In a bellowing voice) I’m talking here my child.

You ask for help and you don’t take the answers, you ask for the answers but ask the wrong questions. Look inside yourself and remember I have great plans for you and those that you need to touch.


You prayed for rain and I delivered. Now I pray that you wake up once in a while and see one of my beautiful West Texas sunrises. Remember the sunrise you and Angela saw off the caprock, the one where you sat in your car and just marvelled at the beauty?

Why don’t you try some things different. Why don’t you look for that sunrise rather than hiding in your room.

And as for someone special. Remember I’ll answer your prayers in my time. Take a number. (chuckles) I love that line… take a number (as he stands up and floats up a rainbow to the sky)

Thanks Big Guy

2 thoughts on “An interview with the Big Guy part 2.

  1. Sean, I’ve had that happen…it sucks…you find your real friends and move on. It’s not easy and it hurts, but anything worthwhile is worth the risk, I guess. Love ya, Dana

  2. Sean, you know that you have friends who love you and who you passionately love back each day. Since you are just now getting to “take your number”, maybe you outta take mine. I picked it up a couple years ago, so maybe it will get you there faster. Sure it sets me back, but what do I care…I have time, just like you, but I would rather you be happy and in love then not at all. Okay, for real, there is no numbers, but still, get out and enjoy life, don’t let it consume you like it has for so long. Think like our children think, one day at a time.

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