but I’ve sure as hell felt better.

I’m slowly coming back to reality.

Back from insanity.

All I can say now is no more imitation rice pudding, no more bone dry fish, no more eggs that look like they could still frickin cluck.

The fever is gone and my body clock is screwed.

First to answer some questions:
Yes, I had either bacterial or viral meningitis. When they told me what I had, I was in the middle of a 103 degree fever, thought I saw God, Elvis and the Stay-Puf Marshmellow man holding hands and singing Kumbayah!

I don’t remember some of the phone calls to the cell or the frantic text messages.

I barely remember calling my mom in Hawaii and saying “Mom, promise me you won’t get all panicy and fly back to Lubbock.” which ended up sounding like “mah pomise me who wont come to choke”

So once again a trivia month has been screwed up. Sorry people, I know priorities like not dying suck.

I had some great ideas while I was drugged up and I wrote them down. But I have no idea what the scratch that wrote meant.

I had some great concepts for the Nanowrimo book, that I am writing again, under heavy sedation. And once again I have no idea what “Be Sneaky, show em the titties” mean. I could have meant to explore the city in the fictional town I am writing but only the Big Guy knows.

My life was turned upside down losing close to $600 in remote talent fees and turning into a $5,000+ and growing hospital bill.

Thank God for insurance and my health.

I learned that from my mom.

I was worried about being responsible and paying my bills and mom was all “You better not fucking worry about the bills and worry about getting better!”

Yes, mom. As soon as I finish I am going to take a nap, go make a token appearance into work and come back to take another drug induced nap until my 8 a.m. appearance Friday at the Doctor’s office for my followup and hopefully release from doctor’s care visit.

Cause me being stuck at home, unable to drive (against doctors orders) and unable to work (against doctors orders) just getting out (against doctors orders) is a painful bitch in itself.

But I have a something left to do on this earth. I saw Tara and Pat kicking and pushing me back to Earth during my brain fever and all I can say is…

Thanks, I’ve got some things on my list to do yet and I haven’t touched enough people (some of you I’ve touched, some just fondled. SEE my sense of humor is returning!)

Thanks to the people who came and visited me. I had visits from Kerri, John Dotts, Tony Bauman, Brandon, Renee, Tony and Judy Tranchina, Steve and Shawna, Andy Boyd, and all of them KNOWING I could be ill. I wish I could tell you what your visits meant to me. They kept me sane, happy and fighting forward.

Thanks to Amanda who didn’t know what “Get out” meant. She fed Mugsy, kept me motivated, happy and looking forward to that next damned blood draw. If it wasn’t for her finding me and taking me to the hospital, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.

Thanks to everyone who wanted to visit, but were out of town and yet kept me in their prayers. Thanks to Alcanthang, Sub , Mitch, Randy and the crew around the world with their comments and prayers. BTW I am a Jackass! I screwed up, I’m sorry!

And to those who should have visited and yet didn’t. You promised me that you would visit and yet you didn’t. I know who you are. Remember that when you need me…

Finally to my parents, my sister Kiri who hounded me to call me mom, all my worried family who several times were one temperature raise from coming to me… I made it. I survived. I told you I was one stubborn son of a gun and you can’t get rid of me that easily.

I have things to do my friends… thanks for taking the ride with me… Cause it was truly Instant Tragedy: Just Add Meningitis.

May your days be long and fruitful and may your friendships never end.

5 thoughts on “I’m not dead yet….

  1. Sean!

    I am so glad to see that you’re well…alive. The group has defiantely not been the same since you’ve been sick, and we MISS YOU! Give your immune system a kick in the ass and come back!

    P.S. Can I steal your hallucination and put it in my novel?

  2. Hey, I’m glad you were to weak to force me out. To everyone that did come by it was so nice to meet you. I look forward to spending more enjoyable times with you all. And to Sean’s family, it was nice to get the chance to talk to all of you, I just wish it’d been under different circumstances. And Sean, remember what I said, I can’t have you getting sick like that again, I don’t want to imagine what it’d be like to lose you since I just found you. Love you sweetheart! ~Yours (AKA Amanda)

  3. Welcome back Sean!!! So glad to see you returning to the real world…… even if it is slowly and painfully….. GOOD WORK AMANDA! Now LET HIM ANSWER HIS PHONE!!! lol We miss your voice on the radio……. I’ll be sure to bribe your doctor before you see him this morning.

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