This Thursday I took Sean to Covenant Medical Center when I found him in a fetal position sweating with two pairs of sweats and the electric blanket on him. He had a 103 degree fever and was diagnosed witha form of Meningitis.

He was admitted Thursday night and he struggled talking, which for Sean is hard. The only thing he would say when a Nurse would come and ask if he needed anything was “Can you get me my discharge papers?” He was recently released or as he put it “Parolled” to his bed. He is still undergoing treatment and will be unable to talk to you until he is released from the doctor’s treatment on Thursday.

Please everyone say a prayer for Sean.

He is a stubborn man and it took me and the support of Tony, or maybe Tony threatening to shoot him if he didn’t go to the ER to get him treatment for him to go.

He wants to thank everyone and let them know he’s thinking of all of you.

Amanda “Hugnkiss” Chapman
Sean’s Girlfriend

8 thoughts on “Guest Entry from Sean’s Girlfriend Amanda

  1. Randy,
    You are over 30. You are allowed to type the word jackass. I won’t tell your mommy.

  2. oh wow sean……i hope you get better soon. Did the doctor restrict you from online poker?? oh my!! just kidding. I will be praying for you sweetie.

  3. I don’t know which part of the story is more alarming.

    Sean being so ill he actually went to the Doctor (even if by force)
    Sean not being able to talk (many have tried to force unsuccessfully)
    Someone admitting to being Sean’s girlfriend (without any force)

    P.s. – If Mitch calls you a stubborn jack…that is saying something. Hope you get well soon.

  4. Please tell Sean to quit being the stubborn jackass we all know and love, and take care of himself.
    You can quote me on that too!

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