So in my preparation for National Novel Writing Month I have put together a character types list, but I can’t put the names to a type. Herein lays the challenge, name my characters. I’ll give you a brief description of the character and you fit a name to it. Could be someone you know, someone you hate, someone that you think deserves a bit in my first NaNoWriMo attempt. For some of you will take this and say “Insert person I know Sean may be talking about here.” Don’t do it. This is a work of fiction and though I may borrow liberally from my experiences it is not meant to be autobiographical. Remember the great legal out: The characters of this novel are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

The task is yours…

Narrator– 26 year old male who starts a life in radio by necessity, he needs the money to pay the bills. Ever striving to be realistic and supportive to people even though usually bites him in the ass.

Supporting Characters –

Narrator’s girlfriend – Lost early twenties woman who tries to run away from her parents and ends up going back living near them.

Boss # 1 – Older man whose passions are Asian teens, porn and imitating Andy Rooney.

Boss # 2 – Younger man who tries to prove himself to anyone who will listen

Competitor to the Narrator – Has talent but no energy or effort. Would rather slide his way to a major market

Competitor to the Narrator – Has talent and great desire but no patience

The Pastor who marries the Narrator and his Girlfriend

Drunken acquaintance who turns out to be a friend to the Narrator

Hated enemy to the Narrator

Drunken Band Lead Singer

and then…

15 miscellaneous one issue male character names

8 miscellaneous one issue female character names

7 female friend names including (1 stripper, 2 nurses, 2 co-workers, a flirtatious poker player and a former child saved from death by the narrator that now works in a bank!

A couple characters will not be named however by you guys. I’m giving the Narrator a female foil. She is the one woman that he dreams about, the one character he wants to be with forever but he cannot speak her name. It is almost too sacrilegious to utter the perfect woman’s name. And unfortunately he always seems to be either a step ahead or a step behind of this foil. I am also giving the Narrator a couple of college buddies that you can’t name.

Feel like naming some character after someone I know or hate, remember I have first and last rights to determine if these names will be used. If they are used I will promise to throw a thank you in the liner notes.

So the challenge is now yours. Do with what you may. Entry deadline is Midnight on Halloween. You want prizes???? How about name that makes me laugh the most will get an autographed copy of the drivel I put out in a month as well as a Wal-Mart Gift Card. Person who submits the most creative names will be given a special prize that will not only amaze but will astound.

Hmm, in the last couple minutes I have written about 580 words. Now all I have to do is take these characters and their names and convert them to 50,000 words. I am glad I have the new laptop. I am going to need it!

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for NaNoWriMo

  1. You know, with names like the ones Judy is coming up with… you could write the whole thing from a very warped perspective. Could be written such that the narrator has changed the names of the characters to protect their identities.

    Kinda like Nanny Diaries or that book that “wasn’t” about Bill Clinton.

    Only by Making the names sarcastic and humorous, you set a tone of irreverance or disgust. I like it. I’d read it. I’d even write it, if I had talent and/or patience.

  2. Trudy Votion–who sticks by her man through thick and thin

    Sonya Beech– the meanest woman you ever met

    more later….

  3. Annette Elizabeth Fanning as the female poker player…. always wanted one…I think it was my name in another life a couple of centurys back…

    Misty Heather Meadows as the stripper

    Connie Lingus as one of the nurses— she packs a mean rubber glove
    Minny Sharps— whose specialty is giving injections

    Bartholomew Hornraven as the older boss who likes asian porn, etc

    Marsha Artes
    Milly Pedes

    T. Allen Tedd as the competitor with no patience
    Maximillian Overload (called Maximum O or “the big O” by his friends) as the drunken band singer

    is the pastor a bigamist if he marries both the narrator and the girlfriend???
    how about the right honorable reverand Rayford T. Reasoner? who has to find the reasons for his faith

    Mandy Tory- the girlfriend who INSISTS that the narrator be approved by her overprotective mother, whom she has tried to get away from, but mothers WILL prevail…

    Mitch N. Boan — the drunk who turns out to be a friend

    Stewart Marthes– enemy to the narrator

    Manny Forsken
    Dick Slonger
    Bob N. Head
    Laddy S. Knight

    ok, that’s all my brain can hold for now. maybe more later.

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